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E & F Resource Management, LLC can provide timber inventories ranging from a few acres up to thousands of acres.  We have experience in both pine and hardwood inventories.  By coordinating our GIS services with our timber inventories, we can accurately estimate the volumes and values of each timber stand for the landowner.  With our in-house timber inventory application, developed by Barton Bennett, we can consolidate all of the data into manageable sets of information.

We are then able to utilize our proprietary harvest scheduling model to accurately select the timber stands to be harvested, based on a wide range of variables including site index, species, basal area, discount and inflation rates, tax brackets, product prices and price increases, etc.  By being able to consider all these factors, we are able to time these harvests to help maximize the net present value of the timberland asset.  The landowner receives the most money over the long-term by utilizing these services.  We are able to restrict the harvest scheduling based on the specific number of harvested acres each year, income requirements, or even producing a regulated forest.

Timber Inventory & Harvest Scheduling

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